Tips about slots games

Tips about slots games

For the first time slots players

Slot machines are very popular. Especially at the players who play for the first time in an online casino. The reasoning behind this is that if they fail to win, they do not want to lose a lot of cash in any case. So they opt for a cautious start as inexperienced casino player. The purpose of this article is to clarify some helpful basics that any novice player needs to know.

1. Slot machines (or fruit machines) are controlled by a computer. It is this computer program that decides when to pay out or not to pay out. So the outcome is pre-programmed. The player is not in control of the game. You either get lucky or you don’t. It is after all entertainment.

2. The computer program decides when to stop the drums. There is no system. It is all about luck. Do not buy systems from other people/gamblers/gurus. They will not work.

3. RNG and PRNG. RNG means ‘Random Number Generator’. PRNG means ‘Pseudo Random Number Generator’. The computer is instantly generating numbers, all day at every second! The number is selected the moment you put cash in a machine and start to spin. At that point, the outcome is known. It does not matter anymore at what point the drums stop. There are no skill involved. It’s just about being lucky.

4. Slot games are pre-programmed to pay off. They are not random. They only pay out when a certain amount of cash is earned by the casino. They just pay out at a certain percentage, i.e. 96%.

5. Slot games are big cash makers for a casino. Almost 70% of their income comes from slot machines!

6. Play the lower nomination machines, i.e. penny slots. You will not win big cash, but, at least, you will not lose big cash.

7. Avoid progressive slots? They pay out at a slightly lower rate than other, non-progressive slot machines.

8. What about video slots? They also pay out at a slightly lower range.

9. Make us of the promotions offered in the Loyal Player Program/VIP Program and grab everything you can ‘for free’: free games, free spins etc.

10. Play the maximum number of coins? If you want to win the jackpot, you always have to play the maximum number of coins. Keep that in mind! But … playing the maximum bet will not increase your pay out. Another fact is that many machines only allow the bonus rounds when max bet is being played.

Conclusion: Slot machines are big cash makers for casinos, and they are designed to take your cash. None of the experts recommend playing the slots for any other reason except just for fun. So, have fun and have luck!

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