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Casinos Japan, japanese language casino

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Online Casinos in Japan

In our world we see Japan as an ultramodern country. But also a country with traditions. That's more than likely the reason that gambling in Japan is still prohibited. So, there are no 'legal' but lots of 'illegal' casinos. Because of the high potential tax revenue that gambling entail, the Japanese government considers legalizing casino gambling. For now, the government allows players to visit and play at online casinos. Even more, the government has no control over the online casinos because a lack of jurisdiction. We found a few mobile casinos supported by Japanese language interface. We do not understand this language. To be honest: some of these casinos just have a banner in JP language, not the completer interface. Let us assume that the given overview is correct! There are no online Japanese casinos. Online gambling is prohibited in Japan. On the other hand: there are not many measures taken to prevent players from accessing foreign casinos. Because online casinos are hosted in countries where the Japanese government has no jurisdiction, there is little they can do to prevent players from visiting them. There are not that many internet casinos offered in Japanese language. These sites let players in Japan enjoy poker, craps, roulette, slots and other online casino games. Players can only use international online casinos. Today, there are 187 japanese online casinos that offer gameplay in English or Japanese language and accept wagers in Japanese Yen or US Dollars. Have a lot of fun at the casino sites offering casino games in Japan at our website.

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